Art Nouveau Chen Calico Collection
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Provenance: CHEN Shao-zheng is in his mid-forties and currently resides in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. CHEN is a graduate of the Yunnan Provincial Art Institute and a prolific artist of The Rich Color School. The photos show the colors well - rich hues - here, especially blues, gold, brown, red, green and lavender. The work was done by brush with acrylics on stretched calico. They measure approximately 23.5" x 23.5". They are all signed by CHEN, but given the quantity available in Yunnan Province many are undoubtedly done by students under his supervision. Almost all are recognizable versions of famous Red Earth art pieces originally done by several famous artists, most notably TING Shao-kuang.

These prints are available at a price of U.S. $35 plus shipping/handling. They are occasionally offered on eBay auctions. If item is marked "on order", customers may still order, but delivery will take approximately 4 weeks.

Birds of Happiness
Illumination of Buddha
Peacock Dance
Maid & Bluebirds
Peace & Faith
Light Oar Green Ripples
Morning Light
Drum of the Sun
Maid & Butterfly
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