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Art Nouveau Li Bo Lin Collection
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Provenance: All of these paintings were purchased directly from the artist, LI Bo-lin. She is a professional painter and resides in Beijing. LI, 30 years old, is a graduate of the Zhejiang Chinese Institute of Art. She specializes in fine brush deep traditional paintings, mostly landscapes and animal scenes. She also does Red Earth art. LI has a growing reputation in Beijing, and we have sold many of her paintings in the United States.

These paintings are all acrylic on a thin rice paper, later backed with a heavier white parchment. Most have a white silk border or mat. Each is signed by the artist in ink on the back with the original title and original artist noted. The paintings on page 1 measure approximately 36" x 36", with a 2.5" silk border. Those on pages 2 to 4 measure approximately 23" x 23, with a 2" silk border. The works are all versions of well-known works by some of China's most famous Red Earth artists. The original artist is identified for each painting.

These acrylics are available for direct sale at the $110 for the large paintings and $85 for the smaller paintings plus shipping/handling within the U.S. We will combine for shipping. International customers should inquire about rates to their area.

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Dai Girls
Fragrant Fallen Leaves
Maid & Geese
Love Love of Deer Wild Geese
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