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Art Nouveau Liu Shui Collection
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Provenance: These paintings are all acrylic on rice paper, backed with a heavier parchment and (most) bordered by a 2 inch white silk mat, embossed with a delicate floral pattern. The paintings, including mat, measure approximately 27" x 27".

Artist: LIU Xiu-wei. Her artist signature is LIU Shui. She is 39 years old, a professional painter and resides in Beijing. LIU is also an instructor at the Beijing Institute of Interior Design. She specializes in brush, deep color acrylic paintings. The paintings in this collection are all derivatives of originals by TING Shao-kuang.

These Paintings are available for direct sale at the prices noted plus shipping/handling. Paintings are occasionally offered on eBay auctions.

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Best Wishes
Ancient Civilization
Emerald Valley
Flower Maiden
Princess of Peacock
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