LISALICO offers only personally selected quality products at affordable prices. We invite you to examine our eBay ratings which offer over 3000 comments from satisfied customers. In addition to pearls and jade, we introduce these frames to complement  our collection of "petite" Red Earth paintings.


 ...elegant paintings ... elegant frames...


We offer two frame styles to complement your petite 9x9" oil painting.  The frames are solid wood -  ramin - an Indonesian hardwood, straight-grained and similar to ash.  One frame combines a blonde, maple-like stain, and a darker, teak color - this can  match either dark or light room/furniture decor (photo, below left.).  The other is an attractive  rosewood color ( photo, below right.)

model 1                                                                                            model 2


Specifications:  frame, exterior dimension:  13&5/8x13&5/8;  frame interior dimension:  11&5/8x11&5/8.  frame, thickness:  3/4".  White mat cut to 8&5/8".  On the lighter frame, interior edge of mat is gold.  On the darker frame, interior edge of frame trimmed gold.   1/8" fiberboard fits into back to hold painting against mat.  (See frame, disassembled, below)  The fibreboard is secured with flexible metal tabs.  Brass eye screw hooks for hanging are  included.

Cost:  $30 ea, either model.  S&h is $8.50, unless purchased with a painting, then there is no s&h charge.  A local Seattle framer told us his shop would charge $90 to custom-build this frame.  We are very sure you will be delighted with your purchase.

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