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Provenance: We were fortunate to meet an artist named CHEN Ta-fu during a trip to Yunnan in the autumn of 2000. Mr. CHEN is a painter and a graduate of the Kunming Academy of Art. He also manages a small enterprise that trains young artists and produces Yunnan minority handicrafts. His employees include five young artists. Among other products, these young artists paint these 9" x 9" Red Earth oil paintings using techniques devised by Mr. CHEN. One innovation is the paints used. These are extremely bright colors. The paintings appear similar to acrylic, but the paint is oil-based and water-resistant. These paintings will not smudge or crack, like acrylic. They can even be wiped with a damp cloth. The second innovation is the painting surface. These miniatures are painted on no. 200 (fine) sandpaper producing a durable and unique texture. The paintings themselves are versions of well-known and expensive works by some of China's most famous Red Earth artists.

Paintings on pages 1 through 11 measure 9x9 inches and paintings on page 12 measure 9x11 inches.

Tailor made frames, in two styles, are available for these petites.

These paintings are available at a price of U.S. $45 ea. plus shipping/handling. Paintings are occasionally offered on eBay auctions.

Peaceful Garden
Ancient Dream
Maid and Phoenix
Huntress Maid
Song of Freedom
Mother & Daughter
Ancient Gate
Mountain Cat
Autumn Festival
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