Start Your Own Home Business
If you want your own company and the freedom of working at home but have limited time or capital ... consider the following:

Lisalico began in August 1997 as a home-based company in Seattle marketing cultured pearl necklaces purchased in and hand-carried from China. Lisalico very quickly reached average sales of approximately $2000 per month working in this limited geographical area - Seattle and environs.

The system we have evolved will work in any US metropolitan area. It is possible to work at home - with potential customers contacting you - and earn a monthly income basically limited only by your own imagination.

You can start a similar business in your own area with very limited capital. We are not looking for distributors. We are not looking for partners. We are not looking for "big bucks" up front. Lisalico started with the sale of a single necklace. So can you. This is virtually risk-free.

Here is what we offer:

- we will provide you with inventory in the amount desired at rock bottom wholesale prices.

- we will share all price data with you ... our original purchase prices, our markup, our suggested retail price, etc.
so that you may be sure this is a fair and equitable arrangement.

- we will advise on registering a company, state and federal tax benefits and pitfalls.

- we will provide suggested advertisements that work for us in our area, suggested type publications for minimum
cost. This is a key point, as you want customers to come to you. There are many ladies who have always
dreamed of having "real pearls". It is important to target this group ... and their male friends.

- we will provide product information and techniques that we have found successful. This includes how to get started
on the internet, how to have your own website, how to sell via internet auction, etc.

WHY do we make this offer? Simple. Lisalico would rather be a national wholesale company than a local retail company. Besides, it's fun. We are currently traveling to China 4 times a year. We have a number of wholesale clients. Several have accompanied us to China.

Your success exactly equals our success.

May we suggest that you take a look at our website - remembering that those are retail prices - not wholesale. There is a lot of information on pearls there, also an explanation of why we can offer these quality pearls at amazingly low wholesale/retail prices.

How can you check on us? Look at our results on internet auctions. For example: Go to eBay, an internet auction, look at our current auctions (search the auctions for auctions by seller and look at our customer feedback. Internet auctions are only one sales venue, but these comments speak for themselves.

Interested??? ... Why don't we discuss your situation and what might work for you. Call us or email Best wishes ...