Buddha Long Life
Medallion Necklace - $5

Description: These two Buddha images are on a brass or brass-plated medallion on an adjustable braided macrome strand. The images are of Guatama, the founder or Buddhism and Amitaba, a later reincarnation of Buddha. The medallion is oval in shape, 1&1/4"x1&5/8", and somewhat less than 1/8 in. thick. The macrome strand has two slip knots, making the necklace adjustable from 18 to 25 in. One side of the medallion has an image of Guatama and two phrases in Chinese characters - chang ming...fu gui". This translates: "Long life and wealth." The obverse side an image of the Amita Buddha and 2 phrases reading: "a mi...tuo fu". This means "Amita Buddha". The top of the medallion, both sides, shows two dragons rampant.

Provenance. Two years ago we found ten similar images of Guanyin, another incarnation of Buddha, in a dusty coin box in a Chinese antiqe market In Beijing. For two years we couldn't find any ... until recently, on a trip last June 2002, when we found some more and this version as well.

Macrome strand/additional: The hand-woven macrome strands were purchased separately. They are quite handsome. The two slip knots make the necklace size easily adjustable. The metal here has been polished slightly for photography....these come from some dusty places and are tarnished. They do shine up with a little brasso and a clean rag. We have found most customers do not want them polished...so we send them them in original condition. The necklace is packaged in a small red cloth purse.

Price $5 (no shipping & handling).