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Here is an original and unique product,  glazed ceramic tiles, hand-painted exclusively for Lisalico.  Each is a limited edition of 20 tiles...signed, numbered  and dated by the artist. XU Ji is a painter and ceramics artisan in Li Jiang, Yunnan Province, China.  XU is forty-five years old and a member of the Naxi nationality, one of 28 minorities in Yunnan Province.

These are hand-painted glazed ceramic tiles.  The photos show the colors and texture well - extremely bright hues and surfaces with relief outline contours. The painting was done by brush on a prepared ceramic tile, then glazed.  Condition is new and mint.  The tiles measure 11.75 x 11.75 x 0.25 in.  There is an artist's chop in the lower right hand corner of the tile.  The chop is the artist's name - XU JI - written in "Dong Ba Wen".  This is the written language of the Naxi people...their own unique and ancient script, entirely unrelated to Chinese.  The artist has also signed his name in Chinese characters, numbered and dated the tile on the back.

Individual tiles:  $65/ea
Orders over $500:  $50/ea
Orders over $1000:  $45/ea

s&h:  $11.50 priority mail/ea  (combined orders :  s&h charges to be arranged)
orders by inquiry only:  please email mleynse@aol.com

Ancient Dream Birds of Happiness Blue Diamond
                     Ancient Dream                         Birds of Happiness                    Blue Diamond

Ancient Dream Distant Dreams Dusk
                                  Dance                               Distant Dreams                          Dusk  

Early Spring  Flying Day  Geese
                           Early Spring                               Flying Day                               Geese

Keeping the Peace Mother&Daughter Peacock Dance
                      Eyes of Prey                              Mother&Daughter                 Peacock Dance  

Mt. Cat  Purple Dream  Rose Dream
                      Mountain Cat                              Purple Dream                          Rose Dream

Sea Breeze  Shower Spring Wind
                                Sea Breeze                               Shower                            Spring Wind                

Tiger Lady      Wind&Sea

                                             Tiger Lady                                     Wind&Sea

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